Merry whatever you celebrate

Looking forward to Xmas with the kids. They have made me look at the holiday with new, less jaded eyes. Hoping to do a little actual relaxing (ha!). 

Putting together song mixes for the holidays is always challenging. While there are some alternative artists who do their token holiday song (or in the case of a band like Weezer, many such songs), and I am able to get by with My Morning Jacket doing “O Holy Night” or Death C ab’s “Merry Christmas Baby”, electronic artists who have recorded holiday material is rare. There’s Erasure’s “She Won’t be Home” which is marginally a Xmas song and (only) a couple of key albums that come to mind.

efs-ia-0092One is Electric Fantastic X-mas, which features some strange and obscure electronic artists from around the world but highlights are two bands I quite enjoy, New Modern Angels, who do a nice, languid song called “December” and the under-rated, dearly departed Soviet who contribute a surprisingly sweet, “Come Together…it’s Christmas”. The album is hit-or-miss but there’s plenty of holiday spirit in there.

christmas2The second is Switched on Christmas by one of my favourite artists, Venus Hum, who pressed the six-song EP in 2000 for select concert goers. It’s long since out of print but you can get it on iTunes and while at times treacly, it’s solid and lovely. Everything from “The Christmas Song” to “Silent Night”. It’s become my favourite thing to put on the stereo when decorating the tree or hanging out under it (hey, we all have our little rituals). 

And beyond that, one is hard-pressed to come up with much.

What am I missing? Anything that needs adding? I’d love to expand the mix a little…

In any case, all the best to you and yours.


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