New singles – Apop and And One

In a previous post I mentioned (and linked to the video for) Apoptygma Berzerk’s new single, “Apollo (Live on Your TV)”. The EBM and darkwave scenes seem to run in cycles and many of the more popular bands in these genres seem to release new material on a similar schedule. I note that And One has also released a new single recently, “Paddy is My DJ” (worst title ever in the history of everything? Maybe…). While the Apop single is from the forthcoming album, Rocket Science, the And One song hasn’t been attached to any other upcoming product. Both are considered among the biggest names in electronic music so each is worth a listen.

To And One first: I have given this track about a half dozen listens and…well, yeah. All credit to the band for remaining true to the sound that brought them to the dance but after the fun, always interesting Bodypop album, and after being thwarted with the pulled covers EP Bodypop 1½, which sounded cool but may well never see the light of day, I was hoping for something a little less dirgy, a little less dull. I would prove disappointed. And One word when they have a little energy behind their tracks, like on “Military Fashion Show” (where they also introduced to the lexicon the memorable word “cutiest”), their teutonic qualities work on several levels. When they sleepwalk through a song we get…this.

See/watch (not really a video, just the track played over the cover art):

Apop Berzerk on the other hand have brought us a fun, poppy track that mirrors their last album, You and Me Against the World. Many long time darkwave fans are appalled at the direction the band has taken in recent years, turning into an EMO-wannabe pop band. While it’s true  that they are no longer the dark electro band of ten years ago they are doing something worthwhile and welcome in its own right. I wasn’t listening to the band in the early days so I have no history with them and feel no sense of betrayal. (Full disclosure: I am a monster hypocrite on this point as you will see when I discuss what has happened to Goldfrapp, IAMX or even Depeche Mode in future posts.) While tracks like “Bitch” and “Deep Red” are awesome, I also appreciate Apoptygma Berzerk, the electropop band. I enjoyed their last album and take this new track for exactly what it is, catchy fun. They aren’t the same band they used to be but they have morphed into something else different but enjoyable.

Watch (again): Apollo (Live on your T.V.):


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