NCIS – world’s dullest show = world’s coolest soundtrack?

I confess I have never watched NCIS. I have glanced at it and it hold zero appeal for me. Total middle of the road CBS procedural. And yet their just-announced soundtrack sounds nothing short of awesome. Seems there is a very hot “goth chick” named Abby (Pauley Perrette) who works as some kind of lab monkey and we are often witness to her listening to her music on the show (I am taking all this from things I have heard about the show so I could be wildly wrong). And what awesome music it is. As a result this soundtrack is the first major airing for a number of my favorite artists and in some other cases, the widest release many have received in a very long time. The soundtrack features tracks by SKOLD vs. KMFDM (and a fabulous track it is), Solamingus, Android Lust, Collide (featuring the best track from their great new album, Two Headed Monster), Ministry, and best of all a brand new track from Nitzer Ebb, “Promises” (to tide us over until their first album since 1995’s Big Hit. Pauley Perrette herself contributes a wonderful song as well. There’s a lot of disposable crap on their as well but this collection may force me to make my first official connection to the show. 

It’s available February 10th.


3 Responses to “NCIS – world’s dullest show = world’s coolest soundtrack?”

  1. I’ve never watched that program, either; nor have I ever had the slightest inclination to do. It’s always surprising to me when music to which I’ve been listening for years is suddenly embraced by the mainstream, even in so restricted a capacity as the soundtrack for a crime drama nobody seems to watch.

  2. I avoided watching NCIS until it’s third season, when someone literally made me sit down to watch with them. I had dismissed it as another CSI clone prior to that. NCIS is NOT just a “procedural”, it’s an enjoyable hour of television. Perfectly casted, characters and stories well crafted. It’s not just investigations, but a team of agents, a forensic specialist and a medical examiner who all fit so well together. There’s wit, humor and sarcasm, as well as action, and yes, great music in the background.

    Sit down and watch one episode, the new one airing tonight (the 13th) is supposed to be awesome.

  3. Yes, it would be wrong to assume it’s another CSI. The important thing is NOT the plot, but the characters and their interaction. We can’t live without them around here. But having said that, we can’t all like the same things.

    I have a link on my CultureWitch blog to the recent appearance of “Abby” on Craig Ferguson’s show.

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