Depeche Mode – “Sounds of the Universe”

Depeche Mode will release their long-awaited twelfth album on April 20th. It will be titled Sounds of the Universe, and will feature 13 tracks including lead-off single, “Wrong”. Martin Gore’s new interest in analogue synths is encouraging and may make for an interesting record. More as it develops…


2 Responses to “Depeche Mode – “Sounds of the Universe””

  1. I hope Martin has renewed his interest in writing good songs, confiscating Dave’s pen in the process.

  2. softsynth Says:

    In Dave’s defense I liked “Nothing’s Impossible”. And while I reserve judgement on the new album I am hopeful, more so than I’ve been in a while (Playing the Angel was a better album than the unspeakable Exciter, so at least it’s going in the right direction :)…)

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