New Pet Shop Boys; Dragonette, Black Tape for a Blue Girl in the studio


On the “softer side” of the electronic scene, the Pet Set Boys will release a new album, entitled Yes in late March. I actually quite liked their last album, 2006’s Fundamental, after a series of increasingly dull efforts, so I’m looking forward to see if they can keep the momentum up. The track listing is:

1. Love Etc.
2. All Over The World
3. Beautiful People
4. Did You See Me Coming?
5. Vulnerable
6. More Than A Dream
7. Building A Wall
8. King Of Rome
9. Pandemonium
10. The Way It Used To Be
11. Legacy

Johnny Marr (ex Smiths) plays on a number of the tracks.

Meanwhile I noticed on the Canadian version of “Extra” that Dragonette are well into the recording of the followup to the brilliant Galore, and as an update on the last post regarding the insecurity of electronically-inclined groups, they report it will be less “shiny” and more “organic”. My alarm bells go off at these buzz words but the bits and pieces I’ve heard are promising.

And finally, the fantastic Black Tape for a Blue Girl are working on a new album for a spring release, 10 Neurotics. Band leader Sam Rosenthal is blogging in great detail about the sessions here.


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