Nine Inch Nails to “disappear for a while”

I’m horrorstruck at the very idea of a world without Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor has posted at the Nine Inch Nails web site that the band will be touring with Jane’s Addiction, (which – cool) and after that will “dsappear for a while”. Much of the blogosphere seems to be interpreting this as a possible fade-away for the band, and the thought turns my stomach. NIN has produced, just in the past few years some of the most vital, exciting music spanning all genres, particularly the proflific recent output With Teeth, Year Zero and The Slip. They have never been stronger, the product never more consistently good. To feel as though they (he) have done enough is heartrending.

That said, I’m not sure I take the same interpretation away from Reznor’s screed that some of the blogizens have. “Time away” likely means just that. And when you are essentially a one-man band you can dust off the guitar, plug in the synth and start cranking the machine up again at will. And so he shall, I have every faith.

I remember well back in 1989 when I caught wind of a new band called Nine Inch Nails, referenced in a small blurb in the NME back when I was a faithful subscriber. The album Pretty Hate Machine was to be produced by John Fryer, who I always loved so I ordered the album as soon as it came out, a vinyl import I came to treasure for its power, its anger, its raw energy. It was some of the most risable electronic-influenced rock music I had ever heard and I’ve been a passenger on the Trent train ever since, even through various bumps on the tracks and the occasional derailment.  Long may he reign. Long may he serve.

Read the missive for yourself.


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