“Wrong” video one for the ages

We don’t blog about videos generally speaking, if for no other reason than they stopped being a meaningful artform some years ago (around the time MTV, and in Canada, MuchMusic more or less stopped airing them), but now and then one stands out (see=Weezer’s “Pork and Beans”). Doubly odd is the idea of Depeche Mode making a good video, given much of the work they have done with Anton Corbijn has been crap (wonderful photographer, occasionally a good album cover designer, especially bad video director). I haven’t enjoyed a DM video since the three made for singles from the Black Celebration album (and yes that includes “Personal Jesus” and “Enjoy the Silence”, both great singles but I thought the videos were pretentious twaddle). And yet here is one of the most compelling videos I’ve seen in a very long time from any band. Dark as all hell it’s essentially the story of a man we discover has been duct taped and thrown into a car that’s speeding through the streets backwards with an ending that is other than happy. Unlike anything else on the tubes right now…

See for yourself:


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