Review: Fischerspooner – Entertainment

A masterwork. Simple and to the point: a great, great album, along with the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s 2009 effort, the best of the year so far.

Fischerspooner are an odd band. As much performance artists as recording artists or musicians, one never knows what one is going to get from them. Their first album, #1 was highly experimental, shades of the minimalist 70s-era electronic music with bleeps and squawks and tuneless singing and it was really fun. The followup, Odyssey, went sharply in a different direction, embracing more traditional rock and electro-pop influences, and it totally redefined what the band was capable of on record. Both record worked on totally different levels. Then came Entertainment

And where does one begin? With the hot, throbbing power behind “Door Train Home”, with it’s power guitar chords mixed with spacey effects? With the Propulsive, infectious dance number lead off single, “The Best Revenge”? The largely spoken-word, sample-heavy “Danse En France” (which I hated at first listen but found it grow on me so fast that I didn’t see its charms coming)? The sinister, bewitching, pulsating “Amuse Bouche”? You can find almost any entry point to the album and it will push you back on your heels and force you to utter a Keanuesque “whoa.”

With influences of dicso, electroclash, old-school plinky experimentation, and spoken word, the album carves out new territory for the band and it’s exciting, it’s different, it’s challenging and ultimately, it’s awesome.


One Response to “Review: Fischerspooner – Entertainment”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I just took my first listen and was pretty judgmental, but by the end… I couldn’t help but say… wait a minute. That was kinda good. I need to listen again. And I am completely impressed. My advice: Listen with headphones and listen to the words.

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