Definitely worth a listen: M83’s “Saturdays = Youth”

Sometimes an artist can slip by me, completely unnoticed for years. It’s only because France’s M83 are opening for Depeche Mode on the European leg of their “Tour of the Universe” that I’ve heard of them at all. Alerted to their presence with the announcement of a contest to provide a video for their new single “We Own the Sky”, I was prompted to pick up their new album Saturdays=Youth, and I have to say it’s a delight. I’m not going to provide a review because this album has been out since last year and I have pledged to keep all reviews current, but a few words on the band and the album.

Around since 2001, they’ve already released five albums and the new(est) one seems the most well rounded. A lot of soft-spoken vocals, and etherial swirling synths with a dollop of early 80s new wave (eg. the guitar line on “Couleurs” sounds like it was lifted from Human League’s “The Lebanon” and there’s more than a little Simple Minds mixed in there). They are awfully self-serious but there’s an element of fun in there too and the band (who is actually, largely founder Anthony¬†Gonzalez) know their way around a good beat and songs like “Up!” and “Kim and Jessie” are rock-solid pop songs. It’s unfortunate I hadn’t discovered this enjoyable band earlier but I’m glad to have so much material to start sorting through now.

Watch “Kim & Jessie”:


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