Javelynn Fate tease with new track – Lipstick Fraud

In case folks don’t read back to older posts it’s worth bringing attention to an update from Yasmine “Yaz” Uhlin in response to our post on the comings and going of Ashbury Heights:

As you all know, Ashbury will release a second album shortly
while I, Yaz, have my eyes on a single release.
Sadly, we’ve been delayed due to some unexpected difficulties
but we decided to give the audience at least SOMETHING to listen
to while we continue our tireless efforts to achieve our goals.
Therefore we uploaded a teaser of our track “Lipstick Fraud”
to our Myspace. We hope that you take your time to listen to it
while it’s still there. It will only be avaliable for a limited period of time.

Awsome post and keep up the good work!
Love – Yaz, JF

I repost this here because the track deserves to be heard. The song, “Lipstick Fraud” sounds truly wonderful and packs a bit harder a punch than the material we’re used to from Ashbury Heights, and makes me all the more anxious for a full album from the band, which includes multi-instrumentalist, Johan Andersson.

Hear it here.



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