Phil Oakey making the rounds

Things have been pretty quiet on the Phil Oakey/Human League front but suddenly he’s utterly ubiquitous. First he shows up on a bonus track on Pet Shop Boys’ new album (“This Used to be the Future”), and now he guests on the aforementioned Little Boots album, Hands, on a track called Symmetry (album to drop next week). Nice to see ‘ol Phil out and about. Human League’s input became less and less meaningful over the years (and they never fully recovered artistically from the debacle that was “Human”), but one can never forget the band released two of the most important electronic albums of all time (Reproduction and Travelogue), and pumped out classics from “Don’t You Want Me” to “The Lebanon” to my favourite, “(Keep Feeling) Fascination” throughout the 80s. Softsynth is already pumped for the Little Boots album, now even more so…



3 Responses to “Phil Oakey making the rounds”

  1. pteittinen Says:

    Haaaaaaang on! Human League’s previous album was actually pretty good.

    BTW, have you heard La Roux’s ‘Bulletproof’? It’s damn awesome.

    • softsynth Says:

      Oh, don’t get me wrong their last album was fine, and in between their golden era and now, I liked Heart Like a Wheel and other tracks, but it’s hard to compare their recent output with the brilliance of their earliest work…

  2. pteittinen Says:

    Oh, and talking about Human League: wait until you hear ‘Footsteps’ on Parralox’s next album đŸ™‚

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