Bands we miss – Zeigeist (and what’s the deal with Sweden?)

“What?” you are saying, provided you have heard of this Swedish electronic band. “Didn’t they, like,*just* break up…a few months ago? How does one “miss” a band that just ceased to be? And a fair query, that.

Zeigeist were a trio, yet another emerging from Sweden, that endeavoured to be merge their musical ideas with graphic design, film, art and music, a la Fischerspooner. On that front their success rate was debatable and their ultimate output was minimal, releasing one actual album, The Jade Motel, but what an interesting album it was. Similar to the Scissor Sisters in sound but with a more committed, unabashed electronic aura, they experimented not just with sound but with lyrics that made one’s eyebrows raise, particularly on the peerless “Cuffs” which takes a forward-looking view of someone discovering the joys of a little S&M. It was the kind of album that makes one wonder what could have been had they toughed it out. Softsynth highly, highly, recommends the album while mourning the passing of the band, who disbanded this February (member, Pearl has already launched a new project, Pearl Fiction). And we miss not only this highly interesting band but all that they could have built.

As a complete aside: The end of another very cool band makes Softsynth recall just how many electronic bands coming out of Sweden. How shockingly many. It seems like the electronic scene in Sweden is healthier than anywhere else on the planet, more than Belgium, more than the UK, maybe even more than Germany. A quick scan of our iTunes library shows Alice in Videoland, Ashbury Heights (and spin off Javelynn Fate), Backlash, Chinese Theatre, Colony 5, Covenant, Elegant Machinery, the awsome Firefox AK, I Love You Baby!, Kiethevez, The Knife, Lowe, Michigan, New Modern Angels, Rezonance, Rupesh Cartel, and our beloved Thermostatic – a quick glance over the playlists, and only a small sampling. Each is on our listening radar pretty much every single day and each hails from good old Sweden. What is in the water there? Why does this country have such a vibrant, exciting and wonderfully self-perpetuating electronic scene? Whatever it is long may it continue so as there are days when that little country seems to be that thing that keeps the scene going at all. Hail the Swedes and their ear for music.


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