Goth and Industrial going down; “electro” going up? So says Google.

We link to this fascinating post on Side-line with little comment except to note a couple of brief points. One, interesting to note that the music consumers seem to be pursuing less material that sub-niche-labels itself; two, it shows health in the overall electronic scene (though one wonders how much this shift is accounted for within the mainstreamization of many forms of electronic music which Softsynth has blogged about ad nauseum {check back through earlier ranty posts}); three, we meant to get into this earlier when Softsynth was called out for using the term “electro” to describe VNV Nation, not in the sense of early-80s worldbeat of course, but as an increasingly acceptable umbrella term for electronic music. It’s a semantic shift, not an attempt to classify certain bands within a sub-genre to which they clearly do not belong. This piece touches on it. Check out the article, definitely worth a read and definitely interesting…


One Response to “Goth and Industrial going down; “electro” going up? So says Google.”

  1. charlievazquez Says:

    Thought you would want to know…!

    Siouxsie and the Banshees cofounder, bassist, and songwriter Steven Severin brings his Music for Silents show(s) to New York City, for the only USA appearance on his current circuit, Saturday, October 10th, at Le Poisson Rouge, Greenwich Village. Steven will be performing a live soundtrack for a screening of The Seashell and the Clergyman (1928), a French silent-era movie, popularly considered to be the first surrealist film ever made. If this show sells out, Steven will perform in accompaniment with The Trials of Doctor Caligari on the following night, Sunday, October 11th.

    This is a rare multimedia event and tickets will go quickly!

    $20.00 (please purchase in advance, as seating is limited.)

    Doors, 7PM, show, 8PM

    Info and ticket purchasing here:

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