Listen to MESH’s “Only Better”

Posted with little comment: MESH, Softsynth’s “second favourite band” have posted a video of the boys talking about the new album and tour and we are treated to a sample of the forthcoming new single, “Only Better”. On first listen it doesn’t exactly pop but it seems a serviceable, workmanlike MESH song and we consider our appetites whetted…



2 Responses to “Listen to MESH’s “Only Better””

  1. pteittinen Says:

    Oh, it’s Mesh alright, through and through. I got goosebumps when the bassline and drums kicked in for the first time. To be honest though, I fear they are stuck in a groove and unable to reinvent their sound. That said, I’m looking forward to the new album, naturally.

  2. trust me, that’s the most old style mesh song on the album 😉

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