Quick trip around the interwebs: Covenant album on hold

Every few months Softsynth takes a trip around about 100 web sites for our favourite bands, especially those who have been quiet for a while. We learned today that Sweden’s Covenant have put their new album Modern Ruin on hold as their label reorganizes. Sad news as it could be another six months (!) before we see what has been shaping up to be a very promising new work. Meanwhile their US tour will go ahead even without the new album to promote. Hm.

Also: several key electronic bands report they are in the studio working on new albums that will hopefully be released in a timely fashion including De/Vision who are working on a followup to Noob (no release date as yet);  Goldfrapp toiling on their fifth release; Michigan, working on the followup to Pulse of Pain, an album hoped for an end of year release though that’s looking increasingly optimistic; so-called trip hop duo Hungry Lucy, who seem to have been working on a followup to To Kill a King forever; Sweden’s Backlash; Arizona’s Blind Faith and Envy, though with no release date identified; Sweden’s Rezonance; and while they seem to finally be out of the studio we are still waiting on the new, long long awaited (since 1995’s Big Hit) Nitzer Ebb album, which their site continues to suggest is imminent. Time will tell. That’s just to mention a few and demonstrates that the scene is large enough and vital enough to always have good works in the pipeline, even after the generous glut of new releases we’ve seen lately, and with pending releases over the next few weeks from Assemblage 23 and Mesh. Good stuff ever coming…

Watch: Covenant – Modern Ruin promo


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