Muse channel NIN in latest video

Softsynth has been very lukewarm on Muse’s overwrought new album, The Resistance (yes, yes it’s Muse, of course it’s overwrought… but sometimes even Muse can start to sound a little too Musey), but from the first listen one track stood out – “Undisclosed Desires”. Easily the most electronic song on the album (compared by Entertainment Weekly to Depeche Mode in terms of sound…and now that you mention it…), it thuds along like a funky metronome, and now it’s the band’s new single. Softsynth only rarely delves into the world of video but this is one worth sharing, if just for the debate that’s already building around the video for its obvious comparison’s to early Nine Inch Nails. Love it? Hate it? Think it’s retrograde Trent Reznor?


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