Flight of the Conchords get electronic music better than most

One of the legion of new albums Softsynth has been enjoying is the latest (albeit kind of uneven) album from Flight of the Conchords, I Told You I Was Freaky. Now, the album is in parts awesome, and others kind of dull and overdone (especially out of context of the episode of their television show in which each of the tracks are featured) but one thing we realize upon listening to the whole package is how cleverly the boys work in their understanding of what makes electronic music tick, for good or bad.

We kind of had a sense of this intuitiveness from their earlier “Inner City Pressure” which spoofed the Pet Shop Boys brilliantly. But with their more recent work we see just to what degree these guys get it.

Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement get their electro on with some frequency now, spoofing R&B-flavoured ” smoooove” electronica on “Sugalumps” and the title track, a note-perfect send up of club tracks”Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor” and best of all, the homage to early 80’s synth pop, “Fashion is Danger” that’s a cross between Heaven 17, Human League, ABC and early 80s Bowie and captures the era wonderfully right down to the pretentious random listing of world capitals and the sounds of cameras snapping a la “Girls on Film”.

Electronic music has certain trappings that are eminently spoofable but to do it right takes a keen ear and a genuine fondness for the genre and Flight of the Conchords display both. Few have gotten it more right and genre fans will get it and laugh harder than anyone else. Hats off to the Kiwis for letting us in on the joke…

Watch: Fashion is Danger


One Response to “Flight of the Conchords get electronic music better than most”

  1. pteittinen Says:

    What a perfect start to Friday, thank you! Can’t remember the last time I laughed so heartily; the “Posing” bit had me guffawing so hard I started to feel faint 🙂

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