OMD return!

So honestly, we assumed this was never going to happen but Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark are blazing back with new material. 2010 will see a new album from the fully reunited band as Andy McClusky and Paul Humphries will collaborate on new material for the first time since 1988 with the new album, The History of Modern.

Our fingers are twitching with excitement as we type. Why? Well, while the three albums that McClusky released on his own through the 90s were a serious case of the law of diminishing returns, the fully intact O.M.D. was one of the most important bands in the history of electronic music, not to mention one of the most consistently creative. And now we have “Sister Marie Says”, a new track from the forthcoming album to prove that yes, there really is new material on the way and it’s very much in the classic O.M.D. vein both musically and (especially) lyrically. Between this and a new album from Kraftwerk on the way we can truly party like it’s 1979…

(download “Sister Marie Says” for free at the O.M.D. website)


3 Responses to “OMD return!”

  1. Craig Thompson Says:

    Good track, but classic OMD??? Apart from the intro listening to it made me think more of Sugar Tax era, than classic Organisation/Architecture & Morality era OMD, nevertheless it’s great to have them back, the first four albums have influenced and mapped out my music of choice ever since.

  2. Fair enough, I was thinking more about Crush/Pacific Age/Dreaming era OMD than 1981-era. Remember, this is a demo and I’m hopeful to see how they will write together again. It always seemed to me Humphries had the greater gift for the hook…

  3. Re Sister Marie – Listened to it once, fair enough….twice, sounds familiar, third time – top tune!!! That’s the way with OMD – infectious! Funny how nothing has ever filled the gap since they split (as the original band). Always thought there was something missing without Humph, Back together with Mal and Maritn. the live shows of the last two years were stupendous. Also, they seem more fun nowadays – lot less relaxed than the moody introspective air they used to have – probably more down to Andy than Paul. Hopefully 2010 will be worth waiting for

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