(Mini) Review: Pet Shop Boys – Christmas

Well, we’ll say this, after ranting this time last year about the dearth of electronic music for the season, good on the PSBs for doing their part. The problems are the same as with their last album Yes, there’s nothing new here. It’s the same synth sounds, the same melodies, the same Neil Tennant unaltered, undeveloped vocal. Ultimately – a little boring.

The main raison d’etre here is the song, “It Doesn’t Often Snow at Christmas”, and it’s much what you’d expect. Seasonal choir effects, references to Bing Crosby, a snippet of Hark the Herald, et al, but essentially it sounds like every other PSBs song with a seasonal flare only trying a little too hard. Little new here. And it’s the only seasonally themed track here. In fact the whole EP is a retread, the lead song was a fan club track from a few years back, there’s a not-half-bad version of Yes track “All Over the World”, and a terrible retread of “Domino Dancing” mixed with Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida”. The only thing that’s “new” is a dull-as-dirt version of Madness’ “My Girl”.

The whole thing feels a little cynical and pointless, but that said always nice to hear some electronic bands getting into the spirit of the season, whatever they may celebrate. We just wish a little more imagination went into it…


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