The Softsynth seasonal playlist

We blogged last year about the dearth of holiday-themed alternative music, especially electronic music for the season. One year on and the picture isn’t much brighter. Why should we care? Well, even the most cynical among us (and Softsynth is the very embodiment of cynicism) can’t help but get caught up in at least elements of the season, whatever you may celebrate and seasonal music is a big part of the scene. It’s ubiquitous – you simply cannot escape it, especially if you travel about with say, two Softsynth Jr’s in tow who want to get their Xmas on. so how does a fan of alternative and/or electronic music survive the season and still play along?The options aren’t great. Last year we mentioned two: The Electric Fantastic Xmas compilations featuring the likes of Soviet and New Modern Angels and Venus Hum’s fun holiday EP, Switched on Christmas (repackaged and offered a free download for fans this year – a treat considering our old copy was lost in the great hard drive crash of ’08…). Beyond that we’ve seen Pet Shop Boys’ new Christmas EP which features exactly one holiday-themed song, and then there’s the Erasure classic, “She Won’t be Home” from their own late-80s Christmas EP Crackers International. And beyond that? It’s gets sketchy.

There’s lots of alternative holiday music. Our own playlist is filled with everything from The Pogues, to Smashing Pumpkins to Weezer to My Morning Jacket to Liz Fair to Death Cab, not to mention a little South Park and the original version of “Do They Know it’s Christmas?” (naturally!) But electronic artists, by and large, seem a little too self-serious, a little too above it all to dip their collective toe into the seasonal waters.

What other artists in the electronic pantheon have contributed to the pool of holiday tunes? Who are we missing? Who, among our number have deigned to enjoy the season with a song or two to celebrate this time of year…? Do tell…


4 Responses to “The Softsynth seasonal playlist”

  1. Book of Love: We 3 Kings
    Eurythmics: Winter Wonderland
    Cocteau Twins: Frosty the Snowman
    Saint Etienne: Born on Christmas Day
    Sally Shapiro: Anorak Christmas

  2. I forgot the Eurythmic’s lovely version of WW. I’ve not heard the Book of Love version of Kings – must get this! All good suggestions!

  3. book of love: send me an email and i will send it along.

  4. as for book of love, send me an email and i will send it along.

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