Electronic music in 2010

While not quite the promising bounty with which we were able to look toward 2009 this time last year we can look to the year ahead at a number of very exciting new releases. Goldfrapp’s 5th album is the big deal news around these here parts but we can also look forward to new material from the liked of De/Vision, Diorama, Michigan (rumoured), Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Iris, Covenant, Ashbury Heights, Android Lust, Birthday Massacre, i:scintilla, Conjure One, LCD Soundsystem, Unter Null, Miss FD, Suicide Commando, Distain, Hot Chip, Ellie Goulding and the weirdness that is Ladytron…in the form of producers for Christina Augilara (which makes Softsynth’s virtual head ache with trying to envision the results of this collaboration).

As we look forward to the new year the wheel keeps on turning and lots of great stuff to come…


3 Responses to “Electronic music in 2010”

  1. Hi, I just discovered your site and have been finding great (and some not-so-great) new groups based on your reviews. I enjoy electronic music, but I’m not especially familiar with its many, many sub-genres — is there a website you know of that maps them out?

    • softsynth Says:

      Believe it or not Wikipedia has a surprisingly solid breakdown of the various sub genres if you enter “electronic music”…

  2. I found another one too, at “Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music”. The problem I’m running into is that my musical tastes aren’t really all that obscure. I like Depeche Mode. I like Ace of Base. I like Oceanlab. I like Mannheim Steamroller. But the electronic music guides I’ve found seem to go into excruciating detail on bands I’ve never heard of, and ignore anything mainstream. Is there a breakdown for mainstream electronic music, or is it all just lumped together in a “mainstream” category?

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