Goldfrapp revving up the Rocket

So there are places you can now hear the forthcoming new single from Goldfrapp including at YouTube (see/hear below) and the jury is still out on what this new album is really going to sound like.

Much of the discussion surrounding the new single has centred on its early 80s sound and yeah, it’s there in spades. Specifically many have compared it to the Pointer Sisters and once again, yeah. The main synth line sounds like it was lifted from “I’m So Excited”, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

That said, they are clearly back with a newfound energy following the sleepy The Seventh Tree, and that’s exciting. Moreover the cover art for the new album, Head First screams not just early 80s or late 70s, but maybe even that awkward, though sometimes brilliant transition between the decades that brought us “Xanadu” (And note the cover art from the single as featured on YouTube – Xanadu indeed.) See, Softsynth has a complicated relationship with Xanadu (1980 film featuring Olivia Newton John as one of the daughters of Zeus sent to inspire a record cover artist into founding a roller disco. Yeah.) having come of age exactly the moment in the theatre when we saw Olivia Newton John singing “Magic” in legwarmers. The Electric Light Orchestra soundtrack defined the era for us, building a disco-y soundscape that would forever say, “1980”. Worst movie ever made? Very likely. Still one of our all-time favourites, especially the music? Hells yeah.

Which brings us back to Head First. If they are indeed channeling¬† a little 1980, ELO/Olivia Newton John post-disco awesomeness, this could be the most…”interesting” release of 2010. If nothing else, they’ve got our attention…

Listen to: Rocket


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