Bands we miss: T.H.C.

Los Angeles trip-hop-based band T.H.C. didn’t have a long life, but they did leave something of a mark. Sarah Folkman and George Sarah released only one album, the fantastic Adagio, in 1999, along with a harder-hitting EP, Consenting Guinea Pig before flaming out, Sarah leaving to pursue a number of solo projects.

During their all-too-brief recording career they produced some of the sexiest, moodiest electronic music on the scene. They had a brief moment of minor fame when their song “Overfire” was featured in the “Wild at Heart” episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (“performed” by on-screen band Shy, [and lipsynched by actress Paige Moss] hilariously a full-trad-band with guitars and drums which bear little resemblance to the song actually playing, but we digress…). Sarah actually ended up appearing on three episodes of the show and even collaborated on an album featuring Buffy alum Anthony Stewart Head. Their brief moment of Buffyness had many scrambling to find out who were actually behind the lovely, creepy-beautiful song and T.H.C. suddenly had their moment.

But it wasn’t to last. Folkman had already moved on and that was that. But they left behind a fantastic album that is not to be missed (though that said it is nearly impossible to find in anything but virtual form. Good old iTunes has the album for sale digitally but that’s the extent of it that we can find).

We miss them because they could have produced some wonderful stuff had they soldiered on. As it is we’re glad for what they managed to leave in the end…


2 Responses to “Bands we miss: T.H.C.”

  1. Wow. Thank you.

  2. Bloody amazing, indeed. For what it’s worth, Adagio is also downloadable from Amazon these days, I’m delighted to say.

    Unsaid Warning is my fear-fighting anthem at the moment – life is weird.

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