Viral video mystery with an electronic twist

So the interwebs are all a-flutter over the identity of the iamamiwhoami project. What is this, you may ask. Well it’s a mystery band/singer/collective/project that features some really neat electronic tracks with some high quality video to match and the big mystery is: who the hell is this? All we know it’s some cool electronic snippets and the whole thing features a blonde, breathy singer who we can’t quite identify (which has fueled the mystery).

Speculation abounds ranging from Victoria Hesketh of Little Boots fame, to The Knife (and a lot of people seem to think it’s the Knife, and truth be told we’re leaning that way ourselves), to Lady Gaga, to Christina Augilara (which, given her recent work with Ladytron wouldn’t entirely surprise either…). The clips are intriguing as is the mystery itself and we’d totally buy this stuff, especially the track where the mystery singer is licking the tree…

What do you think? Is it The Knife? Is it ‘ol Trent Reznor with a new vocalist, or something altogether new who have brilliantly used the tubes to publicize a new project…?


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