Albums we’re excitedly waiting for – Golden Filter

We knew US/Aussie pairing Golden Filter as great remix artists lending their talents to great mixes of tracks by bands like Little Boots and Polly Scattergood, but they are beginning to emerge as exciting recording artists in their own right. One of the albums Softsynth is most excited for in 2010 is their forthcoming Voluspa (April 26th). Their early teaser singles “Solid Gold” and “Thunderbird” are pretty great but it’s the soon-to-be-released “Hide Me” that gives us a glimpse of how powerful and interesting this band may end up being. Smooth electronics with a powering backbeat and lovely vocals from Penelope Trappes make for a kick-ass concoction. Consider our appetites whetted…

(Hear a piece of “Hide Me” at their website…where you can also download the track)


One Response to “Albums we’re excitedly waiting for – Golden Filter”

  1. Saw them in concert this past weekend. She definitely has a Blondie vibe while playing live (she also looks like a younger version of Patsy from ab fab). I am totally digging Thunderbird and there was another song played i liked, but hadn’t heard before.

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