March madness

As we swerve head-long into March Softsynth is excited about the spate of new releases from an assortment of some of our very favourite bands. A sampling of the March goodness:

Absurd Minds: Serve or Suffer – March 5

De/Vision: Popgefahr – March 9

Diorama: Cubed – March 19 (check out their new video for “Child of Entertainment” at the link below – despite the horrific lipsyncing we’re diggin’ the tune…)

Psy’Aviah: Eclectric – March 19

Goldfrapp: Head First – March 22

The Girl and the Robot: The Beauty of Decay – March 26

Blind Faith and Envy: Into the Calm – March ??? (they are still saying March but no actual date yet…hmm…)

We also remain jazzed about some of the other upcoming releases including, in May:
Edge of Dawn: Anything That Gets You Through The Night
I:Scintilla: Dying & Falling (and if lead-off single “Prey on You” is any indication this could be a treasure…)

And reportedly-close but with no dates from Jakalope, Birthday Massacre and Javelynn Fate (who reportedly have to re-record all the vocals for the album pushing it back YET AGAIN!).

Good stuff ever on the horizon. Welcome March and all the awesomeness in electronic music you bring…

Watch: Diorama – Child of Entertainment


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