Albums we’re excitedly waiting for – The Girl and the Robot

One of the saddest pieces of music news we received this year was the confirmation on Julia Beyer’s MySpace page that she had left German electronic band Technoir, one of Softsynth’s very favourite bands to pursue her other band, Chandeen, the moody, atmospheric and honestly, less interesting project she has been increasingly prioritizing. Technoir filled that niche right smack in the middle of the electronic pantheon – dark, purely electronic, with an edge…but not too much.

Not too aggressive, not too soft and poppy. Right in the middle, occupying the ground Depeche Mode held during their most interesting and relevant period in the late 80s and early 90s. Now with Beyer’s exit, even if Technoir continues  it feels like a major loss to the community.

But interestingly, and quietly, Swedish/German band The Girl & The Robot have stepped in and filled the niche beautifully and their debut full length album, The Beauty of Decay could be one of the most refreshing releases of 2010.

Their teaser double single “Whole/Flowers” was released last month and both tracks along with a couple of additional filler songs sound as good as anything the electronic music scene is otherwise producing these days. Electro pop with a darkwave influence, they sound a lot like the aforementioned Technoir right down to the similarity of singer Plastique’s voice to that of Beyer’s. The main difference being The Girl & The Robot are alive and well and delivering big time. Each song on their current EP is a gem, catchy, moody, atmospheric in all the right ways. The snippets we’ve heard from the forthcoming album sound equally solid and it’s got us excited in all the good ways. We’re on baited breath waiting for one of the most compelling additions to the electronic family.

Listen to a teaser from The Girl and The Robot:


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