Chew Lips Softsynth’s new flavour of the week

Our favourite new discovery is British electronic trio Chew Lips (terrible name for a band; awesome sound). This is a young band but their sound is shockingly mature. Especially that of singer Tigs who has a bluesy/jazz style which meshes with the electoscapes gorgeously. It’s not unique on the face of it yet there’s something really unusual in the sounds they produce. Not easily classified, they aren’t synthpop, but they certainly aren’t any of the harder subgenres, maybe occasionally venturing into electroclash territory, but tentatively at that. They are something wonderfully in between. Songs like “Karen” are straight-ahead pop, propelled by metronomic drum machine and bass guitar while single “Slick” is a more purely classical electropop song. “Gold Key” goes off in a more experimental direction with harsher electronic squelches and pops bracketing a pretty lyric and traditional pop vocal performance. It’s a neat, fun mixed bag. At once lyrically serious and musically playful. It’s a hard balancing act to pull off but Chew Lips do it really, really well.

Their debut album, Unicorn was released in January and it’s a solid, strong album, one that comes highly recommended by Softsynth and consider us very excited to hear what this emerging addition to the electronic community will be up to next.

Watch: Play Together


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