Albums we’re excitedly waiting for – Future/Perfect

Thanks to Afront for the heads-up on this great, promising new band. With only one official single so far, but a new album slated for a May release the UK’s Future/Perfect is a potentially very exciting addition to the synth canon.

Very faithful, traditional synthpop with a few darker themes thrown in they are in the mold of Softsynth’s very favourite stylings (see previous references to The Girl and the Robot). Their lead single “The Hunter” is a brilliant synthpop tune, among the best of the subgenre we’ve heard in ages. They share a number of clips of songs being recorded, and rehearsals for others at their web site, and altogether it’s very, very promising. Their debut album, Dirty Little Secret is shaping up to be a dilly and we’ll be first in line.

Watch: The Hunter


2 Responses to “Albums we’re excitedly waiting for – Future/Perfect”

  1. Many thanks for that. We’re absolutely chuffed to see things like this written about our band.

    We will be finishing our final track on the 25th April and look that get the tracks available to download by mid/end May with a physical CD release by end June.

    Once again, thanks

    Simon – Future Perfect

  2. Hi There
    Can you please send me an email with your email address so i can send you a secured download area for you to access the album for review on your site.


    Simon Owen – Future Perfect

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