Review: Bunny Lake – The Beautiful Fall

Austria’s Bunny Lake have delivered their most fully developed and most purely entertaining album to date. The Beautiful Fall is a collection of extremely varied tracks, some of which don’t quite click but most of which click like a Geiger counter on speed. The album isn’t just a diverse collection in terms of tones, speeds, or tempos, it’s as though there are more than one band at work here.

At times they are a pure electro clash stomper. On others they are a pretty conventional rock band. The material is utterly schizophrenic. Sometimes that makes for greatness, sometimes for something a little more coma-inducing.

Known for being a “dirty band” their lyrical tone seems a little bit tamer than we’re sometimes used to. There is no “All That Sex” here. They are still the good ‘ol dirty group but there are more layers at work on The Beautiful Fall.

Some songs here, like “Into the Future”, “1994” or “Army of Lovers” are pure, electro goodness. Catchy but with real meaning behind the songs. Bunny Lake have added a new layer of depth to their material this go-around and it makes them more compelling than ever. Other times, like on the unfortunately generic “The Last Days of Disco” they fall into the trap of trying to sound too conventional, too ordinary, and it falls flat. Likewise their German-language “Ganz Wien” comes off as just dull showing us that Bunny Lake actually emote and connect better in a language other than their first.

Generally speaking, with the exception of the terrific 80’s throwback “Charlotte Goodbye”, songs with vocals by “Suzy on the Rocks” fare better then those sung by Christian Fuchs, as her rough-hewn smoky vocal style just seems better suited to counterbalance the smooth electronics they generate musically than the softer purr Fuchs proffers. But all in all, The Beautiful Fall works beautifully. Crisp production and top-notch songwriting make this album, as a whole, a real treat. Electro-clash with a touch of old-school punk ethic that not only works but provides a blueprint of what electronic music in the “teens” could look like. We could do a lot worse…

Watch: Into the Future


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