Thermostatic call it a day

Usually when one of the electronic family calls it quits we deal with the news with a degree of equanimity. But news today that Sweden’s Thermostatic are no more hits hard. Discovering this band a few years back was a revelation – a purely electronic bit pop band that knew a hook like few others and blended cold electronics with warm, beautiful vocals. They quickly became one of Softsynth’s absolute favourite bands and we were eagerly anticipating a new album.

A final concert in Gothenburg May 1st will mark the official end. Upon hearing the news, in full disclosure, we were yelling No! No! No! at the computer screen. Sucks. Sucks a lot. And another great band joins our list of “bands we miss”…

We are officially in mourning.

Watch: Driving


3 Responses to “Thermostatic call it a day”

  1. Noooooooooooo! That’s a real shame, their last album was close to a masterpiece.

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