Bands we miss/what the hell happened to Juliet?

Back in 2005 a very intriguing new artist named Juliet appeared on the scene. Juliet Richardson had done some time as the lead vocalist with 1 Plus 1 (with whom she did a pretty cool, if too polished version of “Cherry Bomb” back when she looked like a gothy electro-punk) and MNQNN before branching out as a solo artist. She released Random Order, a most-cool collection of electro-pop tunes with some genuinely interesting and original rhythms mixed in and a decidedly funk influence. While infinitely accessible it sounded like nothing else on the market. Her voice was polished but with attitude, her songwriting quirky but with a mainstream sensibility the electronics spoke to neither synth pop nor something harder, it was something wholly unto itself. There was a little bit of buzz around her at the time, particularly songs like “Avalon” which reached #1 on the Billboard Dance/Club chart. Then…then…Then she kind of disappeared. Her web site ends with the release of Random Order, her message board has been left to rot, now nothing more than topic after topic flooded with internet spam, to read her wiki page you would swear she passed on after the release of her debut album. As far as the electronic music community she vanished from the face of the earth.

So what became of this most promising electronic artist? Has she left music behind? Is she taking such ridiculous care with a follow-up that five years on there’s still no product to show for it? Damned if we know. But we were excited to get lots more music from Juliet and it would be a shame if that were it. Anyone keeping tabs on the missed Juliet? Hoping she as yet removes herself from the Softsynth “bands we miss” wall of sadness but so far, no pretty lady with the penchant for electronics and the lovely voice…

Watch: Avalon

Watch: Ride the Pain


One Response to “Bands we miss/what the hell happened to Juliet?”

  1. I agree with your description of her music. I thought she was fabulous. I was very interested in her work and in Random Order when it came out. For a while she was very engaged on MySpace and suddenly disappeared from there. About a year ago I read some speculation way down a list of comments about what was going on with her. There is some information out there. I can’t confirm the veracity of the information, thus I won’t repeat it. Sadly, I suspect we will not be hearing any more music from her.

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