Review: Edge of Dawn – Anything That Gets You Through The Night

Softsynth has been a big fan of Edge of Dawn since the week they released their debut EP The Flight [Lux], but they’ve always kind of been on the backburner; always a solid, dependable source of good music but never a go-to band, never a “you know what I feel like listening to?…” kind of band. Until now, that is.

Edge of Dawn have released an amazing record that cuts through a lot of underwhelming material released thus far this year to stand as one of the most remarkable releases we’ve been graced with in 2010.

Edge of Dawn, a kind of “side band” for Frank Spinath of Seabound (though truth be told Edge of Dawn are far, far more interesting than anything Seabound have shown to date), plays in familiar waters – darkwave flecked futurepop with an EBM side. They could be the poster child for this particular cocktail. And boy do they do it well.

There is a deep level of complexity to these songs. Layer upon layer of thoughtful lyrics, dark, stuttering bass lines, and synth washes; often bombastic, always dramatic. There’s no chaff here, each song is carefully built, carefully chosen for inclusion. Our favourite song is “Lucid Dreams”, a great mover that features Hungry Lucy’s Christa Belle Harrison’s lovely voice. Other stand outs include the spectacular “Beyond the Gate” with so much going on sonically you need several listens to hear everything at work here; the gothic, cinematic, largely instrumental “Capture”, and the sprightly, fun synth-pop-influenced “Save My Soul”.

It’s their most mature and carefully developed record to date and it’s a terrifically enjoyable listen. They’ve arrived at the point to which they’ve been building since their formation in 2005 – true electronic greatness.

Watch: Split Second (Undertow) {We haven’t yet found a clip from the new album so this will have to do…)


One Response to “Review: Edge of Dawn – Anything That Gets You Through The Night”

  1. Baldowl Says:

    I’ve got “Anything That Gets You Through the Night” in the shuffle now, and it’s growing on me, track by track. I completely agree with you that Edge of Dawn, even as a Spinath side project, sure sounds a lot more relevant than the stuff produced by Seabound which, at times (usually), sounds only perfunctory. Edge of Dawn is vastly more intriguing.

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