Bands we miss – Sero.Overdose

We’ve been writing a lot about that clutch of bands that we enjoy but that are kind of “part of the furniture”. The original “great but at the same time somewhat indistinguishable” band were Germany’s Sero.Overdose. And on listening back over their catalogue we realize just how many great songs they produced over the years and it struck us how much we are going to miss the band.

They released three albums – SerotoninNo Time For Silence and Heading For Tomorrow, each stronger and more mature than the last, before calling it quits late last year. A lot of their material sounded similar blending into a kind of EBM pastiche but rising out of the bowl of oatmeal that was their back catalogue were a tonne of great songs. By the time their recorded their third album they were producing some finely layered more melodically challenging material that was as good as any in the subgenre.

They endured some criticism over the years for an uninspiring live show – every inch the laptop band, of which we have written about extensively (not what we want to see when we see a band in concert) but as recording artists they were solid, consistent and fun (in the “makes you want to dance” sense, not in any way compromising their super-serious “we are intense Germans” vibe, rest assured!) Songs like “Fire”, “She”, “Grab It”, “The Chamber”, and “Tiny Snail” still sound fresh years after their release.

Given their trajectory, with each album stronger and more cleverly designed than the previous, it’s sad to know we won’t be getting more from the band. That “great, memorable breakthrough” felt right around the corner. As it is we will have to make do with three great albums and in the meantime miss them for what was and what could have been.

Watch: She


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