Review: Uberbyte – EXS

Prolific UK industrial band Uberbyte are back with their latest,  EXS and it’s a consistently strong return. Among bands that could possibly qualify as having “industrial” influences Uberbyte enjoy a level of accessibility not enjoyed by many.

EXS is a great blend of intense dark oft-distorted vocals mixed with exceptional electronics (and increasingly dance-influenced rhythms), chased with a soupcon of jagged-edged noise.

A great example of the nexis of their various influences can be found in the terrific dance-y “If Something Gets Hard (Fuck It)” complete with sampled vocals and thudding, intense synths. Also standing out on this album are the awesome, multi-layered propulsive thrash track “Insecto” the sonic assault of “Almighty & Relentless” and the uber-dance track “Black Classroom” which marks a genuine departure for the band.

With each successive album Uberbyte increasingly show off their competing sides with increasingly compelling results. EXS is the logical culmination of this compendium they’ve been working to build and it’s a nice piece of work. Not at all alienating, utterly enjoyable and chock full of rhythmic noise that will make you move, no matter how hard you resist. This band, an outgrowth of industrial band Killing Miranda, shows how far they’ve come and how much originality they’ve come to embody. Uberbyte have given us a winner.

Watch: Black Classroom


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