Three bands we’re digging this week

Been listening to a few bands that are hard to access but finally scraped up their material. A couple of these are our two favourite new additions to the Softsynth stable.

The first is Norway’s Electro Spectre whose most recent album Watch It All Turn is an utter treat. It’s as old school electro as old school gets. Right down to the production values the album sounds like it could be have been released in 1982. There is some confusion as to whether or not this is a 2009 album or released more recently than this (a recent label change has added to the confusion – it’s only as issue inasmuch as this is already a strong contender for Softsynth’s Best of 2010 though be all accounts it’s been out in some form for a while), but either way its’ delightful retro synth pop and nakedly European vocals make it go down like tea with a strong helping of honey. Wonderful stuff.

The other we simply cannot stop listening to is Squared Strawberries by Greece’s Rockets in a Coma. This is a dance-influenced electro pop album released last year but only now coming to our attention and it’s a beautiful, shockingly original collection of material. Hard to pin down exactly what this band “is” (Synth pop? Dance? Experimental? Something else altogether?) but what we do know is it’s become a fast favourite around here and we’re excited as hell to hear more. Crazy-hard to get a hold of but well worth the effort if you do.

“But your header says ‘three bands’?”

Great point – the third would be the omnipresent (on this blog at least) Miss FD (formally Frightdoll). We’re written about her a great deal already so we won’t retread the same ground except to say how delightful this album continues and now we can finally share a video (one with good production values and that reminds us of how lovely Miss FD actually is):

Watch: Enter the Void

While we’re on it we should draw your attention to two of Softsynth’s favourite bands releasing teaser singles – Sweden’s Alice in Videoland with the fun, poppy “Spaceship” and the UK’s Tenek releasing “Blinded by You”, a terrific bubbly electro-pop tune. Both are great and worth getting your hands on if you can.

2010 has proven to be a somewhat slower year for great electronic music than was last year but as the summer beckons we start to see just how promising this year might just end up being.

Watch: Electro Spectre: Yes, It’s Love

Watch: Rockets in a Coma: Psycholover


2 Responses to “Three bands we’re digging this week”

  1. Nitzer Ebb, Signal Aout 42, Hot Chip, Mind.In.A.Box, Shy Child, Slave Republic,
    De/Vision, Goldfrapp, The Golden Filter, Chew Lips, Booka Shade, This is Head, Hyperbubble, Tikkle me, Vision Talk, Solvent, The new heaven dieppe,
    The Girl & The Robot, Future Perfect, DMX Krew, Trentemøller, The Chemical Brothers, Villa Nah, Front Line Assembly, diskJokke

    Slow year?

    • softsynth Says:

      Yeah, we’ve actually written most of them up this year; just seems a little quieter on the “big high profile electronic releases” front compared to last year.

      It’s all relative, really 🙂

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