O.M.D. set release date, track list for History of Modern

Boy, if this album turns out to be a dud, not sure how Softsynth is going to handle it. The most anticipated album on our calendar in many years is the first new album from Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark in their full original line-up in more than 20 years, and the noise we’ve heard has been very positive (with teaser track “Sister Marie Says” a perfectly serviceable, if not exceptional taste), so our excitement has been on the rise. Better be good for all that waiting. A release date has finally been set – September 20; and a track listing has been revealed (and the song titles take us back to a very early period O.M.D., so they are, at a minimum, taking great care with the window dressing):

1.New Babies: New Toys

2. If You Want It

3.History Of Modern (part I)

4. History Of Modern (part II)

5. Sometimes


7. New Holy Ground

8. The Future, The Past, and Forever After

9. Sister Mary Says

10. Pulse

11. Green

12. Bondage Of Fate

13. The Right Side?

There were few, more influential bands on the musical identity of this blogger so stakes are high. Make it a good one boys…


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