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Trent, Peter Murphy et al being awesome

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Just a quick ‘un. Thanks to SideLine for the heads up, but this delicious bit of awesomeness is courtesy of Trent Reznor, Jeordie White, Peter Murphy and Atticus Ross. Loved the original by The Normal (global treasure, Daniel Miller), may love this even more. Worth sharing.

Between How to Destroy Angels and these out takes Reznor has been posting on the NIN site, he and Ross have been producing some of the most fun music out there currently.

Enjoy: Warm Leatherette


The synthesizer was the ultimate punk instrument

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We recently alluded to the fact that we believe the synthesizer was the ultimate realization of the punk movement. This is an idea we’ve embraced for decades and as time passes it becomes more clear the early, pioneer electronic bands carried the spirit of the punk scene, if not in attitude, definitely in the democratization of music-making.

The entire punk ethic was built around the populist democratization of music. It was in part a rebellion against the bloated, technically efficient but emotionally void prog rock supergroups, your YES, your Supertramp, your Genesis, your ELP, your Chicago, your Rush. These bands were big, blowsy, splashy, proficient to a fault and oh-so-controlled. To the youth of, especially the US and Europe this wasn’t music that connected to them emotionally. At all. Witness a movement that said, “prodigious proficiency is not what makes music connect, it’s heart and guts and a message that matters most.” Continue reading

Android Lust: A tweet for a free download

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In one of the cleverest-ever marketing schemes Android Lust is offering a free download of her/their newest song,

the terrific “God in the Hole”. All you need to do is tweet about the track via here and the track is yours.

We’ve been waiting anxiously for the new Android Lust album for years now and this new track is extremely encouraging: aggressive, moody, atmospheric, catchy, and sexy as hell, as Shikhee is want to be. Very, very promising and adds further excitement to the anticipation of the new album, just two weeks away now…

Revisiting the Xtina files

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So we alluded to the newest effort from Christina Aguilera in a post back in May. Our discussion was an holistic look at her being the latest in a long string of mainstream artists to develop a hard-on for electronic music and while we celebrated that embrace, we took issue with some of the obvious reasons for the directional turn and the derivative qualities inherent within. Continue reading

Review: Ashbury Heights – Take Cair Paramour

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When an album takes this long to make, and suffers as many delays and setbacks as this has, including the departure of one of the band’s principals, Sweden’s Ashbury Heights had a lot of factors contributing to this possibly being an album less than the sum of its parts. But we needn’t have worried as Anders Hagström has built a winner.

The opening track, “Anti Ordinary”, all full of bombastic, tiresomely misplaced guitar chords made this blogger’s blood freeze for a moment as we were experiencing an Apoptygmian sense of deja vu, but by the time the album settles into the terrific, relentless “Beautiful Scum”, we were breathing easier and by the time the train rolled into the delightfully 80s retro “Scars of a Lighthouse” we had a big stupid smile on our face.

Continue reading