Review: Ashbury Heights – Take Cair Paramour

When an album takes this long to make, and suffers as many delays and setbacks as this has, including the departure of one of the band’s principals, Sweden’s Ashbury Heights had a lot of factors contributing to this possibly being an album less than the sum of its parts. But we needn’t have worried as Anders Hagström has built a winner.

The opening track, “Anti Ordinary”, all full of bombastic, tiresomely misplaced guitar chords made this blogger’s blood freeze for a moment as we were experiencing an Apoptygmian sense of deja vu, but by the time the album settles into the terrific, relentless “Beautiful Scum”, we were breathing easier and by the time the train rolled into the delightfully 80s retro “Scars of a Lighthouse” we had a big stupid smile on our face.

This is a fun, pop-soaked album that takes particular delight in harking back to a pure, old school synth era. While an occasional sameness creeps in here and there overall this collection is fantastic.

The band mix up the tempos and central sounds enough to keep the album fresh track to track. Hagström is in fine voice as is new co-vocalist Kari Berg (though she doesn’t seem to be used as much as former vocalist, the missed Yasmine Uhlin, was). A lot of thought and care have been put into writing and recording, and order these songs. The time put in shows through from beginning to end.

As the album concludes with the bouncy “Invisible Man”  the vocalists croon, “I’m sick and tired/of being told/no one cares”, we can say for certain, as far as this long-awaited album is concerned we care – a lot. We’re so glad to see them back, stronger than ever, delivering one of the year’s best. If the work stays this good, don’t make us wait so long next time folks…!


2 Responses to “Review: Ashbury Heights – Take Cair Paramour”

  1. totally agree on this .l..

  2. Hello everyone, please sign so Ashbury Heights will be able to continue creating music and to protest against all bad labels that restrict artists. Let’s spread this!

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