Review: Dual Density – Soul Ecstasy

We’re glad to have let this album sit for a few weeks before review; had we plunged in from the outset it wouldn’t have been a pretty review. As it is, this is more a case of “what might one day be” rather than what “is”.

This Swedish electro-pop group leans heavily on the dance end of things. Sometimes it can work, other times – when a band doesn’t have enough in their bag of tricks to differentiate – it can be an exercise in monotony. Too much of Soul Ecstasy falls into the latter through there are definitely moments of the former. There is absolutely nothing “bad” about the album. It’s inoffensive dance pop but that’s also the main problem here, it sounds like hundreds of other, similar, (though perhaps more outwardly commercial) bands. When they slow things down, though, like on a track like the lovely “Fake” we start to hear what they could be capable of. Thoughtful, sad lyrics and a beautiful melody lead to the album’s clear highlight. More variation on the trite dance pop formula would have befitted this album tenfold. As it is, we have a harmless, boppy, but unfortunately forgettable album. We look forward to seeing if they can build on the best of what they show this time around. (As a counterpoint stay tuned to our next review which shows what a band can do to successfully transgress the same formula to deliver a clear winner…)

Listen to: Play With Me


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