Three artists we’re digging this week

One things we can say about 2010 is it’s been a productive year for new electronic artists. A clear majority of the albums we’ve reviewed this year have been debut recordings from new artists.

As some older, more established artists fade a little, break up (Thermostatic, we hardly knew ye!), or go to that latter-career place where a new album comes around about with the same frequency as Haley’s comet, it’s key that younger, newer artists start to step up to fill that void. A couple of such new folk are all over the Softsynth playlist this week (and one established new artist with a kick ass new song).

The first, and most intriguing has been the UK’s brother and sister act, Muchuu. A combination of traditional synth pop, a few neat musical twists like the most cool percussive sequence used to propel “Their World”, some unique atmospherics and a vocalist who has a crazy-distinct voice (vaguely reminiscent of Aqua’s Lene Nystrom, but less packaged). Their debut album Adventure We Go was revelatory. Surprisingly original, and with top-notch songwriting (given that in photos the band members look to be about 12). Loving the album, loving the band. Already a serious contender for the Softsynth top 10 of ’10. It doesn’t hurt that singer, “Milky” is baby-bunny adorable. Makes you really want to root for these folks…

Next we have the lovely Ambra Red of (naturally) Sweden. Electronic Creations for Special People is her debut album (and seriously, the album title alone makes us want to highlight it, even if we hadn’t heard a single song from it). A mix of club music, a little (too much) autotune, some trad synth pop, a heaping of electroclash, some old-school dance music and a little grit on the side and you have this terrific, interesting album. The album throws off countless interesting curve balls musically and lyrically and if you get lulled into thinking this is just catchy-dumb dance music you’ll have those illusions shattered pretty quickly. Another strong contender for the year’s best.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention how much we’re enjoying the latest from Australia’s Parralox. “Supermagic” is the first taste of the latest effort from the sparkly electronic duo. Now full disclosure, we didn’t love their last full-length, State of Decay (after justly calling their debut Electricity among the best of the decade), finding it solid but a little muddled, but we’re absosmurfly loving this new track. A great riff, terrific chorus and one of the most enjoyably clever pop songs we’ve heard in recent memory. We’re now crazy-excited about their next album.

As the wheel turns, some fade away but are always replaced by exciting new recruits. Lots of fresh new sounds percolating in the system. Keep it up, boys and girls, keep it interesting…

Watch: Muchuu – Somebody Tell Me

Listen to: Ambra Red – We Real Cool (come on now, give us some video!)

Watch: Parralox – Supermagic


3 Responses to “Three artists we’re digging this week”

  1. Nice to see MUCHUU get some blog time. Been following them for over a year, and watching the video interviews at the BBC, and wish them continued success. Glad I downloaded my copy before the price goes up!

  2. Surprised to see no mention of COLOR THEORY on softsynth, I thought they’d be right up your street. New album “The Sound” is definitely worth checking out…

  3. Hey,

    just found your blog and look forward to catching up on past entries and new posts! I’ve been looking for a ‘guide’ to some new music for a while and you seem to have your finger on the electro pulse – good work!

    Mungs Xx

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