Okay this is cute: Depeche Mode fans on “strike”

Posted and shared with little comment except to say, a) very cute effort on the part of some Depeche Mode fans who are (extremely politely) demanding some action on the Alan Wilder front and b) we concur. We concur the shit out of this…


One Response to “Okay this is cute: Depeche Mode fans on “strike””

  1. Good God, I agree. It hurts me to detest Depeche Mode as much as I do now. “Ultra” was okay, but everything since then has been almost unlistenable. I don’t think I have even bothered listening to all of “Sounds of the Universe.” When you choose as a single something as god-awful as the tuneless “Wrong,” how good can the album be? Not very. Martin write. Alan tweaks and produces. Dave sings (does NOT write–does NOT). Andrew is there to warm our hearts.
    These guys could still be rocking, but I won’t pay to see them again live until they’ve recorded something worth listening to again. Anyway, we get tired of singing Dave’s lyrics for him.
    And a “World Violation” tour DVD would be awesome. That was DM at their best.

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