Bands we miss: Techno Squirrels

Usually the “bands we miss” series features bands that have disbanded and are thus, “missed” (see how that works?). Today, though we feature a band we are left wondering about that appears to be together but has been off the radar for far too long.

Techno Squirrels are a California-based duo whose music can (and has) been described as everything from synth pop to trance to lo-fi. Difficult to categorize, the band has managed to create a sound wholly unto themselves. Lisa Eriksson and Ryan Harlin are both accomplished electronic artists, eschewing the traditional male instrumentalist/female vocalist/with strict siloing in-between model. They first came to Softsynth’s attention in 2006 when we stumbled upon one-off track “Mute” (as we recall it may have been through the iTunes free download of the week; memories fade but we know it was entirely serendipitous at the time). The song is  work of art that is still played on the Softsynth iPod with great frequency, even all these years later. A poignant lyric over a cloying, hypnotic beat, it’s downright beautiful.

A year later they released their debut album, the awesomely titled, Plastic Makes It Possible, and like “Mute”, its laid back, quiet and languid while also being damn catchy with lyrics that hit you in the heart. And in Eriksson they had a gorgeous, understated voice that brought it all together. It was a gem that begged the question, what’s next for the band? As it turned out, not a whole lot. Three-years-plus on and absolutely no word on what’s next or even if the band is still together (the web site hasn’t had a meaningful update in recent memory). The idea that this was another terrific, interesting band that popped out one great album and then said goodbye was deeply sad. However, we’ve heard from Eriksson who informs Softsynth that: “We’re totally still working together as Techno Squirrels.  We’ve working on lots of new material.  We just finished an album of acoustic demos that are now in production.  Lots of fun. It’s been a big 2 years of transition for both Ryan and myself, relocating from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and we’ve been accumulating new songs… We can’t wait to share them with everybody!” the rare case of the band that went totally quiet but shows signs of life after all (a myriad of bands like Sweden’s Rezonance fall into the same spooky-quiet zone, so nice to see one emerge from the fog).

So…we miss ’em, but in this case they’ll be along again, hopefully before too long. Looking forward to it a whole hell of a lot.

Listen to: Mute (Would love some videos guys!)


3 Responses to “Bands we miss: Techno Squirrels”

  1. cracked lcd Says:

    Lisa Eriksson was the first vocalist of Ladytron before Helen Marnie and Mira Aroyo joined the band started by Daniel Hunt and Reuben Wu. Lisa, Reuben and Daniel recorded one song, ”He Took Her to a Movie” from 604 album.

  2. Hey, I’m so glad you remembered this! Yes, I did one track with Ladytron before moving to the US. It was fun and I played their first couple of gigs too. Danny and Reuben are great cool people who have done a good job for the electro scene!

    Thanks for the article that’s so great and encouraging to hear. We’ve been working on new stuff today actually. We should update our website for sure. lol!

  3. Oh yeas, that yellow hair in the picture was not a hit. I was going for the fifth element but realized I’m just a simple human…lol…

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