Ashbury Heights call it “quits”

Ashbury Heights, who have given us one of the best electronic albums of 2010 thus far reportedly have called it a day. Though there is a bit of a caveat. There is a strong suggestion that this is something of a Prince-like bargaining chip.

Seems that the band have reached the end of their rope in their well-known struggle with their record company (Out of Line Music) and tired of being constrained by the company would rather walk away from it all rather than continue the Out of Line relationship.

There is a petition to “free” the band from their contract with Out of Line so that they may “reunite”. Gamesmanship aside, this is a band with a great deal of potential and Anders Hagström has been extremely loud in sharing his issues with the label, so this comes as no great surprise. Hagström has clearly been in a state for some time, judging by his MySpace blog and twitter account and the situation must have been so bad it became panic-inducing. We feel for him and the band and do hope they find a way to continue to make music.


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