Some thoughts on Peter (Sleazy) Christopherson

We couldn’t let the occasion of the passing of Peter (Sleazy) Christopherson go by without comment. Christopherson died suddenly two days ago (November 24) at the age of 55. His contribution to electronic music, especially that of the industrial and experimental variety was well documented. A founding member of the seminal Throbbing Gristle, alone, grants him a vaunted place in the history of our shared genre. As much a performance artist group as an actual musical entity, Throbbing Gristle were key in the development of artists using sound in new and exciting ways starting in the late 70s. Softsynth actually first discovered Christopherson via Psychic TV before discovering TG, another, equally strange and challenging group that was using sound in new and bizarre ways. 

But it was as a key member of Coil that we’ll remember him best. Coil were a prolific, industrial-influenced band that turned out a series of terrific albums since their exciting debut, Scatology in 1984. Without Coil we may never have had a Nine Inch Nails and their ilk. Without Coil we would have been denied decades of electronic, industrial brilliance.

He also had a somewhat surprising side-line as a video director working with bands like Erasure, Front 242, Ministry (the wonderful video for “Over the Shoulder”) and he aforementioned NIN. He was a man of many hats, of many talents and we are stricken by how much his death has saddened us.

Take care Sleazy. We’ll think of you often.

Listen to: “The Snow”


One Response to “Some thoughts on Peter (Sleazy) Christopherson”

  1. This is the first I’ve known of this. Now all of Coil are dead, of the core members, anyway. I am very saddened. If you haven’t heard Christopherson’s last project (or one of them–he was indeed prolific) Threshold Houseboys Choir, I highly recommend it. I’ve never heard anything else quite like it.

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