The Softsynth flavour of the week – Sunday Girl

As we’ve noted in the past we enjoy pretty near all forms of electronic music, though our personal tastes tend to run to the dark, the alternative, the murky. Yet sometimes we are struck by a more mainstream electronic artist who can sound every bit as compelling as those in the darker side of the village. Your Little Boots, your Ellie Goulding, your Pet Shop Boys and so forth. When electronic music is made well it matters not if it’s chart pop or the decendent of Einsturzende Neubauten, if it’s good, it’s good. The nicest end-of-year surprise has been the introduction of Jade Williams aka, Sunday Girl. We were mildly curious to learn of the model-like Williams, if not a little cynical, and what a delightful surprise. While we wait for her debut album we’ve been treated to seven recorded songs including her take on three covers (of Laura Brannigan, MGMT and good ‘ol Ke$ha {the last two acoustic takes}and even the latter song works). And there’s not a bad song in the bunch. Aside from a lovely voice her collaborations are paying off in spades. 

There’s a quirky, though very trad-synth line running through this entire collection of tracks. The synths bubble and pop and mesh with her voice beautifully. We can honestly say we haven’t been this impressed with a new electronic artist in a very, very long time. If her debut album carries on in the tradition of her first few tracks it’s going to be a serious corker. Just listen to the songs below and say you’re not a little intregued…it’s really really good stuff. Commercial? Yeah, sure is. Another pretty face in what is becoming a long line of pretty synth girls? Maybe. But artistically solid? Yes, it’s that too. And faithfully electronic? Just listen for yourself…

Watch: Self Control

Watch:  Stop Hey


4 Responses to “The Softsynth flavour of the week – Sunday Girl”

  1. Seeing her live next week…tracks like All The Songs, 24 Hours and Stop Hey! are very impressive.

  2. I’ll report back and hopefully have some pics 😉

  3. I said I’d report back…and I met her too, she is lovely and really down-to-earth

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