The Softsynth flavour of the week – Method Cell

We were remiss when writing about the best electronic albums of the year, in not mentioning one of our runners-up, one that would be on our list were we to do a top-15. 

Method Cell are a UK duo who bring it super-old-school. We’ve talked at length about the two sides of those bands that make the best electronic music on the scene – those who innovate and those who perfect. Both are welcome contributors to the electronic canon  and those who do what others have done before but do it exceedingly well make for some of the world’s best electronic  bands. Method Cell fit into this mold like a well-fitted glove.

Hailing from Nottingham, the duo of singer Apollos and musician Alex Herington have conjured up a tasty, catchy, dark-while-still-being-super-poppy concoction that song-for-song resulted in one of the more delightful releases of 2010. The album, Curse of a Modern Age, is chock-full of growers that once discovered won’t be soon forgotten. It’s terrific stuff highlighted by awesome songs like the title track, lead single “Scissors”, and best of all “Your Weakness”.

We’ve heard them described as “goth” and “darkwave” and even industrial (which, no) but they defy easy explanation. Blogger Left Lion inventively described them as “… (A) prettier VNV Nation or Apoptygma Berzerk with charisma”. Top notch synth work is evocative of synth-pop but they are lyrically a lot darker than most synth pop we know and love and there are harder elements throughout the album that keep the listener on their toes. The band acknowledge their skirting the line between the aggression of an Aesthetic Perfection and a more melodic, accessibility of a Depeche Mode and damn if they don’t land squarely in the sweet spot in between.

It’s a terrific album that floated beneath our radar for a while but more recently came screeching to the fore and now stands as one of the best of its genre from the year previous. A must-listen that is all over the Softsynth iPod as the year grinds to a close…

Watch: Call it Cutting (live) {poor quality – still waiting for an official video…}


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