Vile Electrodes – Get these guys a record contract, stat!

We’ve been anxiously awaiting real product from the UK’s Vile Electrodes since we first caught wind of them some months ago. Thanks to Tweeter pteittinen, we’ve discovered the band have put up a pile of their tracks on Soundcloud and some of this is very cool stuff.

One glance at the band’s Facebook page tells us a lot about them. They describe themselves thusly: “We sound like beautiful noise. High heels on thin ice. Whip cracks on latex. Flickering neon signs. Car crashes on concrete overpasses. Long lashes behind dark glasses.” Yes. This. (Also, any band that lists its membership as not just the human principals but the various synths they use as well, is high up in our estimation.)

They play up their dirty side which works beautifully for the trio, but it’s their music that truly captivates. Electro sleaze even classic Soft Cell could be proud of. It’s really good stuff, imaginative, and sounds uniquely “them”. They have a Client vibe about them which is nothing but good, but they put their own twist on matters. We’re very excited to see what’s in store for this band – more so than any other emerging band on the scene right now – and look forward to some official product we can add to the Softsynth library…

Watch: Feed Your Addiction (live)

Watch: Deep Red


4 Responses to “Vile Electrodes – Get these guys a record contract, stat!”

  1. Totally agree with you on this one: the Vile Electrodes tracks I’ve heard so far have gotten me very excited indeed ( or maybe it was the photos… no, definitely the music :p )

  2. I’ve been lucky to DJ before this lot too…really cracking live sound and great songs which hopefully they’ll be able capture in a studio setting 🙂

  3. Love VE – I’ve seen them a couple of times and followed them for a while. Gotta say though, the video on the top seems pretty old (they’ve had a few member changes). The band are much better now!

  4. Mark Mirfin Says:

    Love this band! There are echoes of early Numan (The Pleasure Principle / Telekon), John Foxx (Metamatic) and Soft Cell (Non-stop Erotic Cabaret) resounding here. Lovely melodies, great production, confident vocals and quirky enough to keep the listener interested. Commercial success is guaranteed. Cool – keep the tunes coming. God-knows we need quality like this!

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