Three bands we’re digging right now

With 2011 now upon us, a quick look back over the year that just was shows a number of sad developments in the world of electronic music. The death of aha, (maybe?) Ashbury Heights, Thermostatic and Mobius Band, the splitting in two of Client, and disappointing product from many electronic stalwarts, not to mention a number of favourites that have gone genuinely AWOL (see next post). However, one glance over the new bands we’ve shone a light on over this last year makes us perk up a little as we realize the next generation has a great many exciting things to offer. Three bands yet to record an official album (along side Sunday Girl and Vile Electrodes who will release debuts this year) are on our radar as we ease into ’11.

Moneypenny are a former DJ duo from Chicago who used to be known (rather awesomely) as Rocktapussy. Chess Hubbard and Jessica Gonyea are now a hard-to-label electro duo who have released a small collection of songs, but also opened for La Roux and Robyn and played at Lollapalooza. Their tracks-to-date range from the more experimental, electroclash-y “Say No” (which can be downloaded at their MySpace page), to the more traditional synthpop wonderfulness of “Destroy”. They also release periodic mixtapes for download.  They’re a little weird, a lot sexy and really interesting. Looking forward to an album.

Titans made news recently when they were signed to Progress Productions. The US-Swedish trio are expected to release an album in 2011 but have already released the terrific single, “All There Is” (with an accompanying video that is fan-fucking-tastic). The buzz is heavy for this band and deservedly so. It’s dark, moody and still beautifully melodic. We cannot stop playing the single on steady repeat and are beyond excited to hear more.

At the opposite end of the electronic village from Titans are The Sound of Arrows, yet another Swedish outfit (and may we say, while the UK has been producing some of the best new electronic music the past year, Sweden is still the industry leader), this time a duo who have been compared to Pet Shop Boys, but are far more lush and atmospheric with a super-poppy undercurrent. A debut album is due in early Spring and while we hope there are a few more arrows in the quiver than the big lush plodder with a soupcon of disco, what we’ve heard so far is pretty sensational.

These are the kinds of acts that make us excited for the future. The old folks like Human League and Blancmange will grace us with new cuts in 2011 too and we’re looking forward to see what they’ve got up their sleeve but the coolest new stuff may well be from bands like the above. Each worth checking out and keep your ears open for their new ’11 releases.

Watch: Moneypenny – Say No (live)

Watch: Titans – All There Is

Watch: Sound of Arrows – Into the Clouds


2 Responses to “Three bands we’re digging right now”

  1. coool, thanks for the tips

  2. THE SOUND OF ARROWS, good call…totally brilliant and my tip for 2011

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