Miss FD back with second helpings

A world of yay. A year ago we embraced Florida’s Miss FD as one of a very small handful of artists we champion to the ends of the earth, and now we’re delighted to see she’s already on the way back with a new album, a follow-up to the Softsynth Top 10 of ’10 debut, Monsters in the Industry. Love Never Dies will be released Valentine’s Day. Containing a sadly scant seven songs (that said, how nice is it to see an artist release an album, even an EP in subsequent years? Softsynth remembers back to the 80s when the key bands of the day routinely released albums once a year, none of this four years between bands bullshit…), she says on her web site: things “take a much darker turn – even the title itself is an ironic stab at the heart of the romantic ideal. Far from a collection of love songs, instead these seven tracks spin a tale of emotional devastation, using unconventional melodies, haunted vocals and disturbing beats unlike anything you’ve heard from FD before.” Yes = This. Consider us there.

Watch: Album Promo


One Response to “Miss FD back with second helpings”

  1. She is pretty rad…and approachable…she actually just collaborated on a song for us! 😉

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